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Villa Ilia

Villa Sifnos

Villa Ilia is the fruit of a love story, a story which began in 2001 when I landed by chance on the island of Sifnos.


I was immediately struck by its stunning beauty, the golden light, the blue horizon, the village paths lined with whitewashed walls, the warmth and kindness of the locals.

How could I leave? I kept putting off my departure.


In the end, my desire to discover other cultures led me to several countries. In those 12 years or so, the memories of Sifnos never faded. On the contrary, I yearned to return. I shared my dream with my other half and that dream became reality in 2010.


Our first trip to Sifnos, together, lasted only a few days. Then a few weeks. Then a few months…

We decided very quickly that we wanted a piece of this paradise that we could call our own. It took us another 6 years to find the right location, but we did, a place wild and seductive, with ancient terraces and astonishing views of the sea, with its charming valley and the church of Ayos Yannis, under the watchful eye of the monatery of Profitis Elias.

Our home, contemporary and minimalist in style, is inspired by traditional Cycladic forms. Raw materials – concrete, stone, oak and marble – come together to create an atmosphere that is both warm and light.  The same attention to detail can be found in the furniture and decor, a mix of objects from past trips to bespoke creations.

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“This place is amazing! Benjamin & Catherine have done a remarquable job there and are the perfect hosts you can dream of”

Franck and Bernard, friends

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